Please Help! My Wife Sends Pictures of Her N*ked Body to Her Facebook Boyfriend

Please Help! My Wife Sends Pictures of Her N*ked Body to Her Facebook Boyfriend

It’s rare seeing a man cry, but many do when facing serious relationship problems as one man who has been denied s*x for months has cried out for help after discovering that his wife sends naked pictures to her Facebook boyfriend.
A man has cried out for help after finding out that his wife has been sending nude pictures of her breast and private parts to a Facebook boyfriend and has refused him s*x for months now. This story shared by my friend, Cynthia Uju Raphael, a relationship expert is asking people to help this man with a piece of advice.

Dear Readers,

“My marriage is 13 years now and it hasn’t been easy at all since l was duped by a business partner who travelled out with my money and i have not set my eyes on him till date. I have been trying to applaud my wife for her effort when l was down financially, but all my efforts looks so unimportant. I clean, I wash, I even wash her clothes to make her happy. As l was doing these things, i was also job hunting as well. I bring the children back from school, bath them and feed them, cook and wait for my wife to come back. I too make her dinner . I only have my only car which I was able to buy with my hard earned money. My wife even at my lonely moment can’t console me. She shouts at me, call me all sorts of names, insult my parents and say all manner of things about how wretched I want to die . That poverty runs in our lineage and all that. She sometimes comes home with take away food, eats it and leaves the empty pack on the dinning table and next day she leaves for work. I nutured my two daughters and since then she said she can’t open her pussy for a nonentity. That she is done with child bearing. I have never slept with another woman since I got married, and that is the gospel truth.

Madam I fought to get a driving job, when I started working she complained that the children come home late from school these days, and I do everything possible to go home 4pm, to bring them back, bath them and hurriedly return back to the office. Some days that I can’t, I beg my daughters teacher to take them home that I will pick them on my way back. It got to a length, I travelled to the village and brought a house help! Since the girl came l have been relieved. My wife started saying that the 2000 I keep everyday is not enough, I started keeping 3000 just for peace to reign. I don’t like quarrel in my life at all.

When I was not funding my house because I lost my job, I saw alot of unbelievable things from my wife, she has a Facebook boyfriend who chats with her often, she exposed everything to him, saying am a nuisance to her. So the guy advice her to seek happiness outside that he won’t alow his sister feed a man. From there they started going out. I confronted her one day, she said they are just friends. I keep quiet sometimes because I cry within myself. There is nothing they don’t talk about, my wife send him everything he ask her of breast, vagina , her pant colors. Why I knew all these things is that whenever my wife sleeps, I read all their messages on her phone. She doesn’t password her phone at all. The married man too send his penis and everything.

I couldn’t take it anymore one night while she was chatting and laughing to God knows whom, I took her phone from her and threw inside the bowl of water I used in washing my hands and that was where I spill the beans. It’s been 9 months since this incident happened and I have not seen the color of my wife’s pant since then. I now sleep alone and eat alone. I am in my house but I feel so lonely. Whenever I return tired it is only the house girl that is awake waiting for me to come back!! I leave money everyday for them but my wife doesn’t care if I exist. I have never raised a finger on her . All she says is that if she knew she wouldn’t have gotten herself into this mess of a marriage, that am a destiny killer.

What do I do? I am 47 years and she is 38 years . Her mother is late and her father lives abroad with her senior sister.”
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  • I quite like reading through an article that can make people think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!

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